Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use a mortgage broker?

Since Mortgage Brokers arrange real estate secured loans, any current or prospective real estate owner can use their services. Let the professional Mortgage Broker save you time and money by doing the shopping for you with the multiplicity of rates and programs now available in the market place nationwide.

Will it take more time if I use a Mortgage Broker?
Your Mortgage Broker will actually save you precious time by shopping the lending market for you. With a Mortgage Broker you make only one loan application. The loan request is then fully processed in the shortest time possible by a highly trained and motivated professional staff. The Mortgage Broker does not usually earn a fee until your loan is closed.

Isn't it more expensive for the buyer to obtain a loan through a Mortgage Broker?
It is very unlikely. In fact, in this day and age, many banks and mortgage companies originate their loan portfolios strictly through Mortgage Brokers. A Mortgage Broker is more likely to have the right program for you than any other type of lender. This makes the Mortgage Broker competitive with Mortgage Bankers and Savings institutions on any loan program available to the public and provides the consumer with a better rate of approval.